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Add Woodwork Protection for Extra Profit Opportunities


Liberon’s Superior Danish Oil can help to provide professional decorators and woodworkers with an extra profit opportunity when quoting for a project. This top quality oil from the woodcare expert is expected to be found increasingly amongst the items of a professional’s tool kit. Persuading customers that they can create a beautiful, long-lasting effect for woodwork in the home by feeding and protecting it means decorators and woodworkers are creating the potential for additional work. The finished result provides the finishing touch to a decorating project.

Liberon’s Superior Danish Oil is a blend of Tung and Natural Oils, which ensures a superior satin gloss sheen. The oil has added UV filters to help protect against sunlight, and its resin content ensures resistance to water, alcohol, heat and food acid. It is safe to use on kitchen surfaces, and is ideal for doors and skirting boards. The oil’s low viscosity allows deep penetration of the wood in order to feed, protect and enhance it. Added driers mean the oil will be dry in five hours.

Liberon’s Superior Danish Oil is available in a choice of sizes, from just 250ml up to 5L. A 1L pack will provide coverage for between 10m2 and 12 m2. Outdoors it may be used on wooden garden furniture.

To prepare interior woodwork prior to applying the oil, remove any wax and varnish finishes to ensure the surface is bare. Also make sure at this stage that the surface is clean, dry and dust-free. To prepare exterior woodwork check the surface is clean, dry and free from decaying timber. Surface greying or mould should also be removed as this may cause blackening of the timber. If there is discolouration then treating with Liberon Wood Bleacher can help.

On interior jobs apply the oil with a brush or lint-free cotton cloth and allow to penetrate for five to ten minutes before wiping off the excess with a clean lint-free cloth. Allow to dry for a minimum of five hours, and apply more coats as required. It is recommended that a minimum of three coats be applied. For best results gently rub with Liberon’s Ultra Fine Steel Wool (Grade 0000) between coats. This process, known as ‘denibbing’, removes any build up of imperfections in the form of hardened fine fibres that are usually present after the first coat and will leave a silky smooth finish.

Instead of steel wool use a fine sandpaper (400 grit or finer) on exterior Oak. In damp areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, more coats will be required to ensure adequate protection. On exterior jobs the same application process applies. Four coats are recommended for minimum protection. This oil can darken some light-grained woods, therefore it is a good idea to test it on an unseen area first.

For further information about Liberon and the company’s extensive range of woodcare products, visit www.liberon.co.uk.

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